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Education Beyond Boundaries: Our Commitment to Your Future

India has always been a land of learning. The country has the record of the most brilliant minds throughout history. Not only that, there was a time when we led the world in every aspect, be it technology, economics, science, arts, and everything else. Education is something that people use to innovate, solve problems, and create a better world for themselves, and everybody else.

The Shark Tank Effect

Creating solutions is the heart of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs often come out of small places, and build big empires that change the world. The word, “Entrepreneurship” spread like wildfire in India after Shark Tank first aired on 20 December 2021. People have gotten to know some of the biggest Sharks of the Business World like Aman Gupta (The A-Man from boAt), Ashneer Grover (The popularizer of the word “Doglapan”), Anupam Mittal (The Matchmaker from, Peyush Bansal (The Visionary from Lenskart), Vineeta Singh (Just SUGAR), Namita Thapar (Phar-Maa from Emcure), Amit Jain (The Guide from Dekho), and many more.

Brands have been built, lives have been changed, and India has become a better country after Shark Tank. While hoping you watch Shark Tank (If you don’t, please do), let’s take you to its set.

In the third season, two pitchers came to garner support and raise investments from the Sharks, to try, and change the world, and make life easy for people who need more support than the rest of us.


The first one to walk in was Amey Desai, a young man from a family of doctors, and the creator of WALK, a portable, and wearable mobility device. Parkinson’s is a very serious disease, and the number of patients is increasing year-on-year in India. This young man identified the problem, created a solution, and stepped into the real field to solve a massive problem and make people’s lives better.

Aman Gupta and Anupam Mittal found the vision behind the mission of the entrepreneur very noble, and invested Rs. 50 Lakhs for 2.3% equity in the company. Amey walked out with two Rs. 25 Lakh cheques and a smile.

Kibo by Trestle Labs

Another set of bright entrepreneurs were Akshita Sachdeva (Co-Founder and CEO), and Bonny Dave (Co-Founder and COO) from Trestle Labs. They brought a product with them: Kibo (Knowledge in a Box). It is a device that reads out and translates text into 60 languages for visually impaired people. The entrepreneurs have the vision to help visually impaired people learn better and get better career opportunities.

Peyush Bansal and Ronnie Screwvala liked what the young entrepreneurs were doing, and sealed the deal with them with Rs. 60 Lakhs in exchange for 6% equity in the company.

The Power of Education

These stories are not to glorify their efforts but to tell you, why understanding the world, and its problems, and striving towards creating solutions is the way to live and grow. Quality education, upskilling, and networking with more, and more people are the only things you can do to build the life you have always wanted for yourself, and in the process, do something good for the world.

The pitchers on Shark Tank, and even the Sharks, all of them are educated, and have solid backgrounds in the fields they work in. Now that you know about Amey and his ingenious WALK device, a beacon of hope for Parkinson's patients, and Akshita and Bonny’s "Kibo" bridging the information gap for the visually impaired, you can see that these are just glimpses into the transformative power of education, the very fuel that ignited their journeys.

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Alvin Toffler

The Dynamic Market

The global professional market and technology are constantly evolving, and you need the right tools to fit right in. Proper education and continuous learning are the only ways, to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking you need to build your path.


Think of your skills as your powers, or maybe an axe. An axe is only good for chopping wood as long as it’s sharp enough. There is no place for a blunt one. Exactly! Upskilling keeps your axe sharp. You need to learn new ways to survive in the ever-changing world. Newer innovations like AI, Data Science, and more, are capturing the professional market day by day. Learn them, and grow.

Building Bridges to Opportunity

The time for being a lone wolf is gone. Today, networking builds bridges to opportunities and success. The more people you know, and vice versa, the better your chances are for success. As they very popularly say, “Your network is your net worth”.

The Power of Synergy

Ever heard of “Two minds are better than one”? It is TRUE. “Collab” is the hip word nowadays. But it is not just for Instagram reels. Collaborating professionally, and in the field of education is the way to go. The world is your classroom with global online learning communities. Connect with people, and collab! Learn more, create new things, and shine bright.

Why Choose Us?

These things are widely said, but when it comes to real life, finding such opportunities, and platforms becomes difficult, isn’t it? Not anymore. We, at Afstand Education, care about you. As we say, we are “Your One-Stop Online and Distance Education Partner”. We mean it.

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

John Dewey

This is something we believe in, and something we want to spread among young minds. We provide you with the best opportunities for Online, and Distance Learning in the country, and more.

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